In case anyone needs any baking done, I have a small baking business on the side. I ask that you order at least 1 week in advance (although I understand that emergencies come up and I do try to be flexible).

Some currently available and commonly ordered goodies are: (a batch is approximately 45 – 48 cookies)

Cookies – Batch (45-48 cookies)

  1. Chocolate Chip €16.00/batch -Delicious traditional recipe, soft/crisp cookies, extra-dark (70%) or Milk chocolate chips 10 for €4.50
  2. **White Chocolate Chip Macadamia €18.50/batch -Impossible to eat only one! 10 for €5.50
  3. Peanut Butter €16.00/batch -Chunky Peanut Butter, rich and crunchy 10 for €4.50
  4. **Oatmeal Raisin (with or without pecans) €17.00/batch -Thin and crispy 10 for €5
  5. Peanut Butter Bunny Egg Nests           – €18.50/batch – real chocolate easter eggs milk/white/dark baked onto crisp yet moist peanut butter cookies. 10 for €5.50

Scottish Shortbread – Sheet pan

  1. Plain €14.00/pan – Original Scottish recipe, tender and buttery
  2. **Caramel top (with or without pecans or Macadamia Nuts) €18.50/pan – Gooey handmade caramel topping and top-quality nuts make this shortbread into a slice of heaven
  3. Millionaires’ Slice €20.00 – Shortbread with Caramel, topped with high-quality chocolate

Brownies – Sheet Pan (double normal batch) – All brownies are fudgy and extra-chocolatey (made with dark 72% single-varietal chocolate)

  1. Plain €16.50/pan
  2. White Chocolate Chip €18.50/pan
  3. **Chipotle Chili €18.50/pan – The first bite is sweet and chocolatey with a hint of cinnamon, then the heat is cumulative with each bite for an unusual taste sensation

New York Style Cheesecake – Round pan. Baked cheesecake with various crust and topping options. Sinfully rich!

  1. Plain €24.50/pan – Optional fresh orange, lemon, or lime zest in the cheesecake layer gives this cheesecake a light, summery taste
  2. **Zebra Cheesecake (brownie bottom) €27.50/pan
  3. Cherry-Top €27.50/pan
  1. Monkey Bread €14/bundt pan – Cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread with pecans
  2. Bonbons (by special request only) – Price depends on type/ingredients
  3. Boston Crème Pie €25/Round pan (Also available in Chocolate – €28.50) –Contrary to the name, this is indeed a cake; two layers of golden butter cake, a thick layer of pastry cream in between, and a chocolate ganache glaze on top
  4. And, of course, **Carrot Cake €22.00/pan including frosting – Moist, fluffy, and rich carrot cake in the original American style, with a generous amount of vanilla cream cheese frosting spread on top.
  5. Deep-Dish American Apple Pie €12.50
  6. Cupcakes – several flavor, filling, and topping options available, contact for details. €1.25 – €1.75 per cupcake, minimum order of 12

**Snickers Pie €27.50/pan – You won’t believe your tastebuds!


Other cakes, cookies, and goodies are available on request. Price depends on ingredients.


**is used to denote signature items or baker’s favorites**

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